1) Free Consultation Visit

Interested, but want to learn more before you sign up? Let's chat, schedule a quick visit. No medical advice will be given during these visits.

2) Initial New Patient Intake

This visit is for patients who have already registered and are ready to go through and get started. This will be a 60 min in person visit. It is recommended to be in person. Please try to have records sent prior to this visit.

3) Established Patient Follow up Visit

For those that are already members of the practice and need to schedule a visit with Dr. Zerba.

4) Osteopathic Manual Therapy

Having pain and looking for help? Ask Dr. Zerba if this is right for you, or sign up and give it a try.


Already a member of the practice. Schedule here.


Not a member of the practice but just want to see Dr. Zerba for OMT? Schedule here.